dip1 [dıp] v past tense and past participle dipped present participle dipping
1¦(put something in liquid)¦
2¦(move down)¦
3¦(become less)¦
5 dip your headlights/lights
Phrasal verbs
 dip into something
[: Old English; Origin: dyppan]
to put something into a liquid and lift it out again
dip sth in/into sth
He dipped his hand in the water.
Dip the strawberries into melted chocolate.
2.) ¦(MOVE DOWN)¦ [I and T]
to move down, or to make something move down, usually for just a short time
We watched the sun dip below the horizon.
She dipped her head and spoke into the microphone.
if an amount or level dips, it becomes less, usually for just a short time
= ↑fall
Profits dipped slightly last year.
Temperatures dipped to -10°C last night.
4.) ¦(ROAD/PATH)¦
if land or a road or path dips, it slopes down and then goes up again
5.) dip your headlights/lights
[i]BrE to lower the angle of the front lights of your car when someone is driving towards you
6.) ¦(ANIMALS)¦ [T]
to put animals in a chemical that kills insects on their skin
dip into [dip into sth] phr v
1.) to read short parts of a book, magazine etc, but not the whole thing
It's the kind of book you can dip into now and again.
2.) to use some of an amount of money that you have
Medical bills forced her to dip into her savings .
Parents are being asked to dip into their pockets for new school books (=use their own money to pay for them) .
3.) to put your hand into a bag or box in order to take out one of the things inside
On her lap was a bag of candy which she kept dipping into.
dip 2
dip2 n
4¦(in a surface)¦
5¦(for animals)¦
7 a dip into something
1.) ¦(SWIM)¦ informal
a quick swim
Are you coming in for a dip?
take/have a dip
Let's take a dip in the lake before lunch.
2.) ¦(DECREASE)¦
a slight decrease in the amount of something
dip in
an unexpected dip in profits
3.) ¦(FOOD)¦ [U and C]
a thick mixture that you can dip food into before you eat it
sour cream and onion dip
4.) ¦(IN A SURFACE)¦
a place where the surface of something goes down suddenly, then goes up again
dip in
a dip in the road
5.) ¦(FOR ANIMALS)¦ [U and C]
a chemical that kills insects on sheep and other animals
sheep dip
6.) ¦(PERSON)¦ AmE spoken a stupid person
7.) a dip into sth
a quick look at information, a book, magazine etc
People interested in history would enjoy a dip into this book.
→↑lucky dip

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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